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The World's Worst Historical Disasters / Chronicling the Greatest Catastrophes of All Times
McNab, Chris

ISBN 9781840138078
Uitgever Grange Books
Taal Nederlands
Categorie overig diverse,engelseboeken, engels,geschiedenisboek, boekallerlei
Meer info Compacte hardcover met stofomslag in nieuwstaat. Het boek kan net niet door de brievenbus
Extra informatie The World's Worst Historical Disasters examines some of the most significant natural and man-made disasters in world history, from those almost lost in the mists of time, such as the ancient plague in Athens which killed 75 per cent of the population and the earthquake in Corinth that left 45,000 people dead, to modern day catastrophes such as the New Delhi air collision (1996) and the Samastipur train disaster (1991), which both cost hundreds of lives. Every type of large-scale disaster is featured, including plagues, earthquakes, volcanoes, genocides, floods, train crashes, and aircraft accidents. Each account gives a full and detailed analysis of the events leading up to the disaster, the actual disaster itself, the extent of the damage and the dreadful aftermath. Learn about the sixth-century barbarian massacre at Milan, the great fire of London (1666) and the historic San Francisco earthquake (1906). Each story is highly illustrated, bringing home the impact of the tragedy, while information boxes allow the reader the see the key facts at a glance. Whether the result of human error or human cruelty, or an inevitable and uncontrollable act of nature, the events featured in The World's Worst Historical Disasters will provide an educational and riveting read.

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