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A Hard Fall
Kaufmann, G L

ISBN 9781999304102
Uitgever Mulberry Publishing Ltd.
Taal Engels
Categorie overig diverse,engelseboeken, engelsefantasy, engels
Meer info 2018, 224pp, paperback in nieuwstaat. Het boek kan door de brievenbus. Met evt. nog een vergelijkbaar boek erbij
Extra informatie June 30th 2025. Britain is not what it was. The UK has splintered. What remains of New Britain has become an increasingly divided nation. Only the Verified British have a right to stay. Capital punishment is coming back. Norman Marshall works for Home Security, rooting out saboteurs—but his wife, Jenny, is working as an agent for the resistance. Jenny warns Rohan Dhillon that he is Verified Not British; he and his kids are next on the list for Re-Migration. Meanwhile, bodies of VNBs are being washed up on Kent beaches. A Hard Fall imagines a plausible future of how a hard Brexit might play out.

€ 11,95


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