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Applied Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Hinkle, Wiersma, Jurs

ISBN 9780495808855
Uitgever Wadsworth
Taal Engels
Categorie studieboek
Meer info Grote zware paperback in prima staat, zo goed als nieuw (onbeschreven). Verzk zijn 3,95 euro
Extra informatie This introductory text provides students with a conceptual understanding of basic statistical procedures, as well as the computational skills needed to complete them. The clear presentation, accessible language, and step-by-step instruction make it easy for students from a variety of social science disciplines to grasp the material. The scenarios presented in chapter exercises span the curriculum, from political science to marketing, so that students make a connection between their own area of interest and the study of statistics. Unique coverage focuses on concepts critical to understanding current statistical research such as power and sample size, multiple comparison tests, multiple regression, and analysis of covariance. Additional SPSS coverage throughout the text includes computer printouts and expanded discussion of their contents in interpreting the results of sample exercises.

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