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Bob the Builder - A Christmas to Remember

ISBN 9780563532422
Uitgever BBC Worldwide
Taal Engels
Categorie kinderboeken,Christmas
Meer info Grote hardcover in nieuwstaat. Verzk zijn 3,95 euro (en dan kan er nog een vergelijkbaar boek bij)
Extra informatie Bob is very excited because his twin brother Tom, a zoologist who works in the Arctic circle, is coming home for Christmas. Bob wants a quiet break with his brother, but the new town mayor has other plans. She's organised a special free concert, featuring local rock star Lennie Lazenby, and asks Bob to sort out the stage and lighting. Spud scares Lofty so much that the latter ends up making a mess with the Christmas tree, forcing Bob and the team to clean it up. On top of all this, Tom's travel plans are hindered by a mission to reunite a baby deer with her father, causing him to miss the last boat. Bob still has to fix the stage for the concert, but Lenny comes up with a way to make sure Tom does come home for Christmas. Can Bob please the Mayor, meet up with his brother and have a good Christmas?

€ 3,50


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